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Match report: RCD Mallorca B 2 - FC Barcelona B 3

Today morning at the Antonio Asensio Training Complex we hve witnessed an absolutely thrilling game between Mallorca B and Barça B. Olaizola's group have received the leader and the tempo of the game has been electric.

For the first 15 minutes, our academy side have controlled the game and have shown a high degree of quality in every action. In those minutes, our youth team wasted a few chances and right after in the 16th minute Alberto made it 1-0 after Tia Sastre set him up after a blunder from the red & blue side. The scorer is just 17 year old and earned Olaizola's trust into the starting XI.

When Barça saw themselves behind in the scorescreen, they changed their attitude and the control switched and started creating so much havoc to Valens' goal. 

The game was dominated by Barça, James saw two yellows for two very strict tackles and in the 38th minute, Mallorca B was to play the remaining minutes with only 10 men. 

The referee's decision has broken the game and in the 44th minute, just before the break, Barça B have taken advantage of their superiority and have levelled the score before the break with a goal. 

In the second half, Mallorca B's defence have suffered from the first moment against an in-form Barça outfit. In the 55th minute Aleña has scored the second goal for the Gerard Lopez boys.

Under these circumstances, Javier Olaizola has no other option than replacing an attacker for a defencer. Juan Nieto to the shower for Juan Rodado. This strategic substituion has allowed our academy team back into the game, making it hard for Barcelona. Despite the fact that Barça has not stopped attacking, in the 62th minute Aleña through a double chance has had a very clear chance to score first to the post and then Valens saved the stampede. Right after Tia Sastre has managed to make it two all. 

Finally, Perea sealed the game with a third uncontested goal for the visitors in the 74th minute that has allowed Barça B to claim three points from here and cement their leadership in the group. The match was full of quality, but the James sending off did leave a sour aftertaste to a side that visit Sabadell next. 


Mallorca B: Valens, Juanjo (Rodado, min. 61), Pol, Raul (Stephen, min. 81), One, Serrano, Ángel Sánchez, Tià Sastre, Alberto (Joan Sastre, min. 65), Cano, James.

Barça B: Suárez, Palencia, Moisés, Sarsanedas, Tarín, Martínez, Nili, Carbonell (Xemi, min. 75), Mujica (Fali, min. 78), Alfaro (Perea, min. 21), Aleñá.

Goles: 1-0, Alberto (min. 16); 1-1, Alfaro (min. 44); 1-2, Aleñá (min. 55); 2-2, Tià Sastre (min. 67); 2-3, Perea (min. 74)

Photo: FutbolMallorca