Víctor Mollejo and Miquel Parera analyse the victory over CD Tenerife

The striker and goalkeeper reflect on the victory at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López

Víctor Mollejo and Miquel Parera were on post-match media duties after our victory against CD Tenerife. Having celebrated our promotion the night before, find out what the pair had to say about the win and going up below:

On the match...

Víctor Mollejo: "We wanted to show those of us who had played less minutes what we could do and we are very happy. We have shown that we can contribute to this team and we are very happy and leave feeling good.”

Miquel Parera: "You can't ask for more. After celebrating the promotion, today we have shown that this team always goes to the limit and that's how things are achieved. Today we came here to win - which is how you enjoy things - and that's what we did.”

On the promotion...

Víctor Mollejo: "Competing in the Segunda División and achieving what we have done is very difficult. This team has achieved it with spectacular players, a very good coaching staff and many people that encompass what Mallorca is. A spectacular group has been generated and has made things go so well.”