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RCD Mallorca

Vicente Moreno: "We are very happy because the players work translates into points"

Vicente Moreno was happy after adding the second victory of the season, by 0 to 1 against Rayo Majadahonda: "We are very happy, especially because the work and effort that the players do translates into something, in points. Today we had the desire to want to add six points in two days, but we did not look too much at the classification. We want every week to win the game without looking at anything else". The valencian coach assures that the matches in Liga 123 will be very even: "We will have to suffer like in today's match, that we had a very good team in front of us, that does a lot of things, but I think that in a general calculation we have been serious, and we have even had the clearest chances. I think the result, at times, could have been a bit short. That in the end makes you suffer".

Mallorca have won the first two league games without conceding goals. Vicente Moreno believes that the key is to achieve a balance: "In the end we have to find a balance between scoring and not receiving. All that is not to receive goals, makes you closer to adding the 3 points. But to me, as long as we win the match, I do not care too much about whether it is with the goal to 0 or not". The coach is satisfied with the results, but asks for calm: "We must be calm, this has only begun, they are only two games. It will be a difficult year and all we can add now will be work that we will advance, but we must have our feet on the ground and be humble. We have to work hard, run more than others, train more than others and fight more than others. "