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RCD Mallorca

An agreement in principle has been reached to unblock the sale of the Sitjar land

The breakthrough will see the land where he Lluis Sitjar stadium used to stand become available

RCD Mallorca, Palma City Council and the Association of Co-Owners of Lluís Sitjar have reached an agreement in principle to unblock the sale of the land of where the Lluis Sitjar stadium used to stand. 

The conditions proposed by the City Council of Palma have been maintained and a new deadline to deposit the title deeds before a notary has been confirmed for December 1.

Cort will also prepare a document for the purchase of the second plot, which will be conditioned to the sale of the first plot (60% of the title deeds must be deposited).

RCD Mallorca will offer a permanent pass for the Visit Mallorca Estadi and the proposal of two passes for the 15 years which were maintained.

“It is an agreement in principle that implies closing a 20-year-long soap opera,” said CEO of Business Alfonso Díaz. “On the one hand, it is a great leap for the city with a large green area and public facilities that will improve the daily life of the people of Palma.

“For us it is also very important to resolve an issue that worried us and that we have always wanted to resolve. All those who put their grain of sand to grow and have a pitch like Es Fortí now have a solution that permits the continuation of a relationship signed with the club in the 40s. 

“This agreement means solving an issue of the past and looking to the future with enthusiasm. We are 100% committed to our stadium and to having a stadium adapted to the 21st century and which will be a reference for others.”

"We appreciate the involvement of all parties to reach this important agreement,” said Councillor of the Palma City Council, Neus Truyol. “We hope that the majority of co-owners agree to sell. The Lluís Sitjar is public being available would be great news for the whole city where facilities and green areas can be created for everyone.

"This agreement in principle is a very important step for us,” said Joan Aguiló, president of the Lluís Sitjar Co-owners' Association. “We have spent more than 20 years looking for a favourable solution for all of us and to remain linked to our club. With this agreement in principle, it is possible to achieve both."