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RCD Mallorca

Utz Claassen´s letter of resignation from President of Real Mallorca

Esteemed Friends, Social-Members, Fans of Real Mallorca, and esteemed Mallorcans,


When I became a shareholder and Board Member of the Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, S.A.D., in the Fall of 2010, I did so because of the invitation from the then-President and then-Vice-President of the club, with the intent to participate in an interesting, exciting, and communal project. Unfortunately, this communal ambition never materialized.

When I assumed the Presidency in December of 2014, and acquired the majority stake of the club in January of 2015, I did so with one objective: to avoid the extinction of our club. My wife and I invested millions of Euros when no one else thought of the future or wanted to keep the institution afloat.

With the changes in ownership and the Board, we have created institutional survival. With the influx of capital in January 2015, we narrowly avoided bankruptcy. And with the signings of Xisco (goals) and Yuste (possession), we avoided relegation. With the new investors, we have ensured consistency, proficiency, and efficiency. With the agreement with Tottenham and the corresponding payments, we have avoided the risk of serious sanction from the Spanish League office. And, with the agreements with Mediapro, the Spanish League, and those in the G-30, relating to the difficulties associated with distributing TV rights, we have avoided incalculable legal and financial risks, and have returned to being a dignified and respected member of the professional soccer family. I am grateful to all those who have supported us with their effort and dedication.

My efforts to sustain and support the club have cost me between three and five million Euros. Additionally, I invested some ten million Euros to facilitate and prepare for the 2015-16 season. I believe that this sacrifice is sufficient evidence of my compromise and loyalty to our professional institution.

Among other things, our sporting aspirations did not function as we had wanted.

In January 2016, I found an interested North American investment group, “ACQ” led by Robert Sarver. It is the first time that an investor of such prestige has invested in Spanish soccer, and the first time that an investor from the NBA has invested in European soccer. With the expansion of capital invested on January 4th of this year, an enormous and impressive quantity of more than 20 million Euros, the Club has transformed and is now at a significant and sustainable financial level. I thank Robert Sarver, Andy Kohlberg, and their companions for their dedication and compassion. This magnification of capital has transformed the club’s financial and institutional state, and thus, my mission is accomplished.

At the beginning of Real Mallorca’s second century of history, we have survived, and still have more to do, and we have attracted a first class international investor. 20 million for the club! On that note, the club´s financial and institutional future is guaranteed.

Moreover, the transition has been smooth and efficient. Since January 4th, Maheta Molango has rapidly grabbed hold of his new function and responsibility, and so, my involvement in management is no longer necessary. Thus, I can actually concentrate, again, on my other business responsibilities. On April 16, I received accolades from the European Commission for economic and social development in the “Most Innovative International Businessman of 2016” award, two years after Jeff Bezos, from Amazon, was named CEO of International Innovation for the same organization. This for me is a great honor yet, at the same time, a significant obligation: to completely focus my professional and business attention on biomedical engineering, finance, innovation, digitalization, and energy. I ask for understanding and acceptance in this regard. Right now, I will not comment about the lies that have recently been publicized about me.

I am still a shareholder and Board Member of this club. But, as of June 30 of 2016, I will renounce my position as President of our club. I made this decision some time ago but I did not want to cause any turbulence before the club secured its position in the Spanish Liga Adelante.

Serving Mallorca in this critical and decisive phase of history has been an honor. Long live Mallorca!


Utz Claassen