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RCD Mallorca

The club notifies Palma City Council to intervene in the repair and improvement of the Visit Mallorca Estadi

We have issued the following statement in regards to the stadium’s development

The club has notified Palma City Council upon the urgent requirement to intervene on behalf of local administration to repair and improve the Visit Mallorca Estadi’s structure following months of internal analysis.

Palma City Council have been presented with clear evidence of concrete deterioration, roof damage and drainage and piping issues, in addition to the immediate addressing of the electrical system.

The damages presented do not correspond to the maintenance of the facility, a requirement outlined in the framework of the agreement between RCD Mallorca and Palma City Council signed on December 15, 1997.

The agreement specifies structural issues are the sole responsibility of Palma City Council.

We have also requested Palma City Council replaces all seats at the Visit Mallorca Estadi due to deterioration after 22 years of use.