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RCD Mallorca

Steve Nash : "we work to take the Club to another level"

One of the all-time basketball legends and co-owner of the Club, Steve Nash, has shared the impressions that the board have this season and the enthusiasm they put into their work for the Club, to take it to another level.


We would like to know your sensations from the results obtained this season

Maybe it has been a tough start. But it’s early days. As time goes by, the team will get better and I hope that positive results come sooner than later. We came from a complicated situation but our luck may change. Our project is one that wants to improve the Club cultura and attitude.


From the time the new owners landed, changes have been noticed 

A lot of things are changed for the good for the comfort of the players, for the comfort of the fans.. We the owners are working every day to make this Club a better place. Sometimes it’s difficult we need to follow a strategy that will allow all the new ideas to be implemented. We need time. A lot of things are to be changed.


Are you still excited about the whole project?

Yes, it’s a pleasure to work for this Club. It has so much history and it is already very special for us too. It is a long-term project. We need time and patience. The fans, ourselves, we want the results under way right away. But the reality shows us that to change the dynamics of a Club it takes longer time and victories finally will come for us.


Do people in the United States know about Real Mallorca? 

The football fanatics do because they follow anyway Spanish football and they ask me about Mallorca, as a historic Club. But the remainder of people that do not follow world soccer, don’t know about RCD Mallorca.


Do you follow the games? 

It’s difficult that games are broadcast, but I do watch them two days later, because live it’s impossible. Then again, it is weird because I watch the games when I already know the final score. But I am convinced that if Mallorca get more victory, it may become in public interest to offer live broadcast of the games. I’d love that as my kids would be able to watch the games.


This is your second time in the island.

It’s true. The first one was very special for my wife and I as we got engaged. But now not only the Club has become important for us, but also for our family it has become special. We hope to be coming back often. Every year, I need to see the Club by myself, meet the players and spend time with them at some training sessions. I’m leaving with new sensations.


Do you miss competitive basketball? 

I miss basketball a lot, especially competitio-wise. Spend time with my team-mates, in the bus, travelling, at the meals… But this is life. I cannot play anymore and I have decided to spend time doing thing elsewhere, things I’m passionate about.


Do you think it’s possible that the charity game that you organize every year could be played someday in Majorca? 

I’d like to put together a game through my foundation in the island. It’s a very good idea. For the past 9 years, we have organized a game for kids alongside the New York Foundation and it would be amazing to do that over here.