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RCD Mallorca

Robert Sarver: "We have the two most important games"

Robert Sarver, the main shareholder of RCD Mallorca, witnessed the victory of RCD Mallorca from the Estadi de Son Moix. Aware of the importance of the match for the future of the club, the owner did not hesitate to move to the island and enjoy as a fan last home game of the regular season.


"It was a fantastic match, the team played very well and this victory leaves us in a very good position facing the promotion playoffs."

"Our goal since the beginning of the season is to move up and now we have two very important games to get it."

"The fans have been very good and now we will need all their energy in the field, it is important that they come to see the matches the more fans the better."

"I wanted to see the second part on the grass, from the vip corner, it's a very nice place to live a unique experience, I enjoyed it a lot."

"I came to watch this game because I did not want to lose it, I knew it was very important and I wanted to be in the stadium."

"This year we have taken a step forward, this is just the beginning of a long process and the next two games are very important to finish the season well for the future and our goals."