Vázquez: "We are conscious of the responsibility and know what we are playing for"

The coach assured that the team is in perfect condition for the game tomorrow

Fernando Vázquez previewed Mallorca´s monumental game tomorrow against Valladolid, which he was confident of winning, “we do not have much to think about, we just have to win, and this we will.” The coach stated that the group “is strong, unified, and in perfect condition physically and mentally to win these three points.”

The coach acknowledged that the week had been “intense with concentration” and pointed out that both he and the players “know what we have to do, nothing spectacular, and we are conscious of the responsibility and know what we are playing for.”

In that respect, the Galician trainer felt that the team has to be concentrated and fierce, “but just enough, not enough to disrupt our structure and style. You have to balance the ferocity with tranquility so that it is not excessive. We have to know where we are, we need accountability but not anxiety.”

Vázquez confirmed that he had not hoped to be in this situation when he took charge of the team, “but I am an optimist and I think we will win tomorrow. We have a lot to play for, admittedly, and we will show that we have the ability to do it.” Ideally for the coach, Mallorca will score first, “to demonstrate from the beginning that we know what we need. There is no alternative; we have to go out with conviction, determination, and balance.”

Finally, the coach wanted to thank the fans for their unconditional support, “they have been with us the whole time, and for this I would like to give them my thanks. We will dedicate our salvation to them.”