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To the seventh rest

The tension builds. It is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, for soccer. Today, the head is able to take a breadth. As the seventh day of the training camp, the programmers are planning to pick up the ball and reinforce the easy things, to avoid a burnout.

The day begins with a gym circuit, which they call ´preventative, ´ and which allows the group to loosen up and giggle. Then, the group goes to the spa for a contrasting hot and cold treatment, to remind the muscles that the players do care about them, and that they are being coerced into much of the physical pain by the trainer Jaume Moll.

Relaxed and listening, the trainer explains what he wants them to do, he creates a sense within the group, and he defines the common goals and how to achieve them. He talks about how to be a soccer player, but does so with a quiet confidence, as to instill a sort of serenity in his work and theirs. So just like that, he teaches them. He is the modern example of a coach, although the head coach may not agree.

Afterwards, the CD track gets turned on again. The players have permission to fill themselves with fun until dinner comes. I also activate an auto pilot, so as to save some energy. Some players go out, others stay in; some sleep, others play. But all, and I mean all, have won something, some verve, some extra life, some something with the end of the camp nearing.


The Mole