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The Mallorcan artist René Mäkelä will create nine murals in various areas around the Mallorca Son Moix Stadium

The designs will present throughout the stadium

The Mallorcan artist René Mäkela will create nine works of art in various areas of the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix.

The murals created by the renowned international artist will create an artistic journey through the history, present and future of the club, and the essence of Mallorca and Mallorcan feeling.

The concept chosen by Mäkelä revolves around the word MALLORCA, which will serve as a conceptual guide to unravel, through each of its letters, the essence of each of the murals to form the journey and a whole that gives meaning to the whole.

The M for Mediterranean

The A for Art

The L for Legacy

L for Legends

O for Pride (Orgullo in Spanish)

R for Respect

C for Celebration

The A for Fans (Afición in Spanish)

In addition to these 8 murals, which will be unveiled as they are completed, there will be another large one, in addition to the existing Samuel Eto'o mural, which will reflect an iconic image of the club.

Four of these murals will be located in the West Stand and East Stand, while the ninth will be located on an exterior facade of the stadium.

Mäkelä is about to finish the first mural, the one referring to the importance of the Mediterranean Sea for the island, the healing of the seabed and sustainability. The entire project will be completed before the start of next season.

The artist said: "It is a real honor, at last, to be able to leave my mark on my city with an artistic work of this level. I am always traveling or working on projects outside my homeland and I think this comes at the right time. I love the vision that the club has, and I share it 100%. I hope that Mallorquinistas can enjoy this combination of sport and art and that they feel proud of our essence, our past and our way of being when they take this tour."

The tour can be found through the website as well as through our social channels which will inform about the development of the tour.