Youth Honor Div.

The DH visits the RCD Espanyol with a desire to win

The DH of RCD Mallorca will visit on the seventh day of the league the second classified, RCD Espanyol (Friday, October 12, at 16:30 hours at the Sports City Dani Jarque). The team led by Carlos Muñoz will try to add the 3 points after tying 1 to 1 in the previous match against Real Zaragoza in Son Bibiloni. The DH will not have it easy against Espanyol, who is second in the standings with 12 points and comes from scoring by 5 to 0 in his last game. The coach of the Mallorquinist DH expects a difficult game: "Espanyol is a team that we respect very much, with great individualities, but we know that our visit also makes them uncomfortable and has them on alert, we are a team capable of complicating them, competing and beating them in their We are confident that we can achieve this, we expect a very disputed, high-paced match, where each team will have their options".

Mallorca, meanwhile, comes to the duel in Barcelona with 11 points in the standings, just 1 point from the parrot set. Muñoz says that, despite the draw of the last day against Zaragoza, his team arrives well to the match: "We will look for our options and we hope to be correct in the small details. Last week this aspect deprived us of victory, this week we are looking for It's the other way around, the guys have worked phenomenally and are looking forward to the match and competing".

The DH of the RCD Mallorca reaches the seventh day in fifth position, but in these first six league matches you are seeing great equality in the league. FC Barcelona leads with 16 points and from the second (Espanyol with 12 points) to the seventh (Europa with 11 points) there is only one point of difference. The coach of the DH of Mallorca is clear when assessing the equality of the juvenile division of honor: "After 6 days the favorite teams have trouble chaining consecutive victories and a season of much dispute is expected to get to be in the squares We played against one of the strongest rivals in the category, which comes from playing a great game last week, but had a dynamic of two previous defeats, which shows the equality and the level of this Group III Division Honor".