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Youth Honor Div.

The DH of RCD Mallorca wants to keep up

The DH of RCD Mallorca will receive Gimnàstic Manresa on the ninth league match (Saturday, October 27 at 4:00 p.m. at Son Bibiloni). The Catalan team occupy the tenth position of the league with 9 points and is losing 0-1 against Espanyol. For his part, the DH of RCD Mallorca occupy the fourth position with 14 points and also arrives after losing 1-2 before Penya Arrabal on the eighth day.

DH coach Carlos Muñoz acknowledged that defeat at the Penya was hard but they had to work to correct mistakes: "The week has been similar to the rest of the weeks, although when you do not get the expected result, we all want to analyze the Why, train, but above all else that the next game arrives as soon as possible. In the game against La Penya we deserved much more, but the lack of success and two individual mistakes penalized us too much. We must be much more forceful in the areas and we are convinced that we will improve it".

According to Muñoz, Manresa will be a tough opponent because he has achieved good results outside the home, although they have prepared the game well: "Manresa has achieved good results outside the field and will be a dangerous rival. We have prepared the match well. The guys are eager to please. The other day came out and on Saturday they do not want to miss this opportunity that gives us the calendar to play again as locals. We need the three points to get up again".