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RCD Mallorca

RCD Mallorca transfers all Sitjar shares to Cort

The club will generate additional income for the reform of the Visit Mallorca Estadi with the sale

RCD Mallorca has announced that it will transfer all titles of ownership of the former Lluís Sitjar stadium within the process opened by Cort to acquire the land and expand the Falca Verde and municipal facilities. 

The club has deposited 170 titles within the purchase process opened by the City Council of Palma for the 666 existing ones, with a valuation of 16,935 euros per share and a total investment of 11,279,283 euros by Cort to acquire 100% ownership. 

The objective of the City Council to carry out the operation is to achieve the purchase of 60% of the shares (400).

"This is a historic moment, as for the first time there is a real offer on the table,” said CEO of Business Alfonso Díaz. “The Club and the other owners have been unable to find a solution for decades and we believe that the time has come to settle things and for the city to grow green with a real political consensus.

“The amount we receive will be completely reinvested in the reform of the Mallorca Estadi which is in the process of improvement and is about to complete its first phase.”