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Youth Honor Div.

RCD Mallorca DH Roc Hotels wins 5-1 to Lleida

RCD Mallorca has won 5-1 against Lleida and returns to winning ways after two consecutive draws. Despite starting losing, the Bernellon team has traced the score with a nearly perfect second half in which the Robles players have scored four goals.

RCD Mallorca holds the third place with 42 points, two from Real Zaragoza and five from FC Barcelona, ​​which leads the standings with 47 points.

RCD Mallorca: Nico, Florit, Prada (Óscar min.63), Papa (Saúl, min.58), Frau, Pou, Tòfol, Samu, Arasa, Alberto (Elías min.68) and Sureda.

Goals: 0-1 min.19 Iker, 1-1 min.29 Samu, 2-1 min.49 Frau, 3-1 min.55 Alberto, 4-1 min.60 Tofol, 5-1 min.72 Tofol.