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Match report: Mallorca 0 Oviedo 0

Mallorca drew 0-0 to Oviedo in a game that the Reds dominated from start to end. RCD Mallorca were much superior than their rival but did not know how to translate that superiority into their first league win. Fans applauded players at the end for the effort put.


The Asturian goal-keeper Juan Carlos saved his team with an epic hand block in the 6th minute to send the ball to the cross-bar after a direct free-kick. The centre back Raillo missed a header that headed wide when he was in an unimprovable position to make it 1-0 in the 28th minute.


Oviedo display a defensive output for most passages of the game and did not give goalie Roberto Santamaria much work to do with the namely exception of the disallowed Miguel Linares goal in the 12th minute because of a clear offside. 


Mallorca won the accolade of the own fans, an unusual situation of late at the Iberostar Estadio, and even awarded players with ovations like that when Culio managed to drive an opponent in three square yards.


The good sensations transmitted by the team managed by Fernando Vazquez did not show in the score and those were the best news for Oviedo, who were very poor upfront. In the second half, Mallorca kept dominating, had the ball for most of the 45 minutos but lacked clarity in the last few yards. 


Oscar Diaz did not connect well with the ball in the 48th minute when was in good shooting range and Lago Junior in the 56th minute did not hit the bull's eye with a shot from the wing that Juan Carlos cleared wide to a corner.


The Oviedan goalkeeper was the best performer of his team, althought was heavily booed after faking an earlier aggression by Oscar Diaz.


Vazquez spare no artillery and at some point of the game had in the pitch all Brandon, Lekic and Sabater in the quest for a victory goal, but the Fernando Hierro-managed footballers resisted the islanders' impetus and travelling back home with a point.

Line-ups and match facts: 

0-Mallorca: Santamaría; Campabadal, Yuste, Raíllo, Oriol; Lago Júnior (Damiá Sabater, min. 76), Culio, Juan Rodríguez, Juan Domínguez; Mountinho (Lekic, min. 76), Óscar Díaz (Brandon, min. 65).
0-Real Oviedo: Juan Carlos; Varela, David Fernández, Óscar Gil, Fernández; Susaeta (Alaniz, min. 68), Erice, Torró, Nando (Peña, min, 83); Linares (Edu Bedia, min. 55) y Toché.
Referee: Prieto Iglesias (Comité Navarro). Booked Raíllo, Sabater, from Mallorca; Erice, Lucas Torró and Óscar Gil from Oviedo

Match corresponding to Day 3 in LaLiga 123 played at the Iberostar Estadio with an attendance of 9.500 spectators. Real Madrid and Spanish national basketball team Rudy Fernandez took the honour kick-off. Also attended the game at the Presidencial VIP Box Spanish international footballers Aritz Aduriz and Mario Suarez. EFE