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RCD Mallorca and FFIB reach agreement to enhance amateur football across the Balearic Islands

We have teamed up with the local football federation

RCD Mallorca and the FFIB have reached an agreement to enhance amateur football on across the Balearic Islands. 

Male and female players and coaching staff registered with the football federation will now get discounted access to our games moving forwards. 

The 33,000 members the federation has will be able to get reduced ticket prices for our remaining five fixtures at home against Getafe CF, Athletic Club, Cadiz CF, Valencia CF and Rayo Vallecano. 

The agreement reached starts this season and will run for the whole of next season and each member of the federation must communicate to his or her club that he or she wants to have this better price so that he or she can contact RCD Mallorca and indicate how to buy his or her ticket on the day of the match.

We are also inviting presidents and representatives on behalf of clubs across the islands to attend a match in the president’s box. 

Alfonso Díaz: "First of all, I would like to thank the president of the FFIB, Pep Sansó, for the approach and congratulate him for the effort to improve our football. It is an important agreement because RCD Mallorca has to work with football across the islands and we want to intensify this relationship with this agreement.

“We want to recognise the club presidents, that they accompany us on matchdays and feel they are part of things. And, secondly, that the 33,000 members can enjoy RCD Mallorca football at a special price. It is great to be with Balearic football and to make it bigger and better at the national level.”

Pep Sansó: "It is an important day for Balearic football. When we see that professional and non-professional football are able to go together, hand in hand, it is fundamental. 

“They are two areas that need each other, that feed each other and that today this agreement is possible to recognise all the non-professional clubs that on a daily basis make football possible in our islands and that can have an important discount by going to the reference team of our community as is Mallorca, it is always positive. 

“We would like to thank RCD Mallorca for always being close to the FFIB and our football and that we are able to support them in this way.”