Day two, game one

Holland Diary, entry two

Twas a grey day in Holland, where there is much less light than back in Mallorca, but the players appreciate working in lower temperatures. Some even put on a sweatshirt for the morning workout at the Stadium, which is nearly connected to the hotel, sitting a mere 100 meters from the turf.

During the session, the team worked on some defensive positioning with a lot of shooting on goal. It is fun to see so many goals and hear the sound of the ball striking the net, albeit training exercise. Thanks to club cameraman Sebas, Juan Rodríguez’ spectacular finishing was caught on film. The group finished strong, yet the fatigue is setting in.

All that remains for the afternoon is the friendly against Sint Truiden, and the waiting is bothersome. The team has to demonstrate and fortify its body and mind in the game. In training, it is difficult for a coach to simulate the happenings of a game, especially the mental ones that come with a game. A soccer player wants an opponent, stands, fans, and a referee that is not just another member of the coaching staff; they want the noise of a game.

And so, that very game we speak of finished as a zero-zero tie. Solid defensively and with an obvious lack of shots on target, but interesting nonetheless, with RCDM having some creative touches on the ball. Any spectator could have seen that the Belgians had three more weeks of preparation and that RCDM played with ten men for more than 65 minutes. In total, the team showed well. This was the first appetizer of the menu of real competitions, and with only a few miles logged on the legs, the results were positive.

Then, at dinner, with no more work to do, Manu the Doctor delighted us with a comical musical production. It was recorded, and so, with his permission, we will post it.

Tomorrow awaits

The Mole