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Alfonso Díaz: "The North End will be the heart of the construction of the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix"

RCD Mallorca's CEO of Business, the Mayor of Palma and the media have visited the stadium to see how the works are progressing

The CEO of Business of RCD Mallorca, Alfonso Díaz; the mayor of Palma, José Hila and the media have visited the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix to know how the works of the North End are evolving. The architect responsible for the reform of the stadium, Izaskun Larzábal, has been in charge of explaining the details of the project.

Alfonso Díaz has detailed that this end will have approximately three thousand seats, and that the fans will be only seven and a half meters away from the pitch. He also pointed out that the planned construction deadlines are being met. "The truth is that we are putting a lot of effort and a lot of effort for months and we are going in line with what we expected. The work on the backdrop will be finished at the beginning of the season so that we can have the great backdrop that we all want to have. I think it is going to change the character of the stadium a lot. Our fans will be able to enjoy the soccer experience. It's going to be a very important change.

The club's CEO of Business emphasized that the North End will be the heart of the remodeling of the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix: "I think the North End will be the heart of the whole project, both for soccer, which is obviously the main part of the project, and also for the city. We are opening the stadium to the city to provide services, to offer many leisure options".

In the same vein, the mayor of Palma, José Hila, stressed the importance of opening the stadium to the city: "These are very important works both for RCD Mallorca and for the city. For RCD Mallorca because it is a historical claim that the fans were closer to soccer. It also means something very important for the city: opening the stadium to it, eliminating all the barriers around it and with activities all day long. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

For her part, the architect in charge of the stadium renovation, Izaskun Larzábal, highlighted the architectural aspect of phase two of the project. "The singularization of the project is very satisfactory because the stadium will have different spaces to offer to the fans. This phase also includes the transformation of the facade of Cami del Reis, which is an urban transformation where we also get the city to notice this work in a positive way, giving other contents to the facade".