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Wear and Tear

Dew on the grass and a gray sky reminds us of why we are here. There is an unusual silence in the dressing room, with many looking to the schedule ahead. Because it takes more energy to inflate a balloon than it does to deflate it, we lost some air pressure during the rest day. The mind demands and requires a bit of rest, but know that today, it cannot. The doctors might say that we need rest, referring to our muscles and outer shell, but I believe it is the mind that we need to rest.

And tense as it may be, a skirmish breaks out.

An only child fights with the cat, because he has no one else to quarrel with. Personally, for a team, I prefer blood to nectar. A hotheaded in-law acts as an anchor and keeps you safe, even though he may prevent you from moving forward. In this this journey, this trip, this learning experience, such teenage-antics serve to show the team´s outer shell and inner passion. Those forces that encourage team members to argue show desire and can be tamed and wielded positively, wielded together.

Our data shows that there is no damage to this machine. CEO Molango has joined the preseason trip so now the cabinet is almost entirely here. To replace Manu, Dr. Munar, the ayatollah of nutrition and fighter of fat has come; further, the one and only Gonzalo Castro, aka “Chori” has come to play ambassador and assistant. More importantly, the night time basketball tournaments continue, and may never end, unfortunately.

This Saturday we play against Willem at a strange time: 2:30 PM, a time when Mallorcans will not have all even eaten lunch! Nonetheless, the script calls for more of the same as was against Sint Truiden and Roda, training with many facets. The feelings and work will be demonstrated by the scoreboard, but he who wins will not celebrate.

The Mole