Vicente Moreno: "We must try to improve to do better in the next game"

Vicente Moreno has valued the 1-1 draw against SD Formentera and has considered it "a lesser evil". In addition, the Valencian coach says that "he must convince the team to be calmer".
Headlines Vicente Moreno:
"We did not find what we needed and we were looking for it in the beginning, as the match progressed, there was too much nervousness and that makes accuracy difficult or to carry out what you have in mind"
"We had more than enough time to turn the scoreboard around, as the game was played, the bad was the minor, trying to recover as soon as possible"
"There is no reason to be nervous on any stage, everything is going well to be nervous with a setback"
"We had the opportunity to score before the first minute, I will have to improve a lot during the week so that the team does what I ask, it's my responsibility, the team leaves it all"
"We have to try to convince the team to be much calmer and apply what we work during the week"
"What I have clear is that if the team is as it is, it has done things well, we can not throw the team's work on the ground"