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Vicente Moreno: "The match was equalized and the draw was the most fair"

Vicente Moreno appears after the 0-0 draw of RCD Mallorca in Elche.

Press conference headlines
The tie was not sought: "We wanted to win because we knew it was important, we did not achieve it and we can not be satisfied, time will tell if this point has been good or not".
The team always competes: "The players compete all the way in. Even after the two expulsions, the team has continued competing especially in defense."
Raillo with discomfort: "Raillo has traveled almost 80 meters and has received a blow, it has hurt us to be forced to make this change because it was the last and we had planned to do other things towards the end of the game."
The points that remain in play: "There are points left in the game so that anything happens, we are already focused on winning the next game, everything that is to maintain or increase the advantage is going well".