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Vicente Moreno: “The best is yet to come”

Vicente Moreno has appeared before the media this afternoon. His press conference has had the following headlines:

There is room for improvement

“We have the ambition to improve at all levels, to seek excellence"

How do you face 2018

"We are waiting for six exciting months, we have to have that illusion of being able to live beautiful things and achieve the objectives. The best is yet to come"

Álvaro Bustos signing

"We are very happy, we already value the possibility of incorporating it at the beginning of the season. He is a player with great conditions "

Level of the squad

"We are in Segunda B but we have players with a level superior to the category and they are showing it"

About CF Peralada

"It's a team of good players with quality and before us we know what happens: against us the subsidiaries have that point of concentration and intensity"