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Vicente Moreno: "Rayo Majadahonda will make it difficult for us"

Vicente Moreno believes that the game against Rayo Majadahonda will be different from the tie that both teams played in June to decide the champion of the Second Division B: "We hope to find the essence of what Rayo Majadahonda had last season because he has the same coach and the same game philosophy for what we saw in Zaragoza, now we will play points and many interests, it will be a team that will make it difficult for us because it's been a long time ago ".

The Mallorquinist coach has ratified his post-match speech against CA Osasuna regarding the effort his players have to make in each match they play in La Liga 123: "We need to go to the limit, not 100% but 200% and that means to end the party dead, if it is not so, it is that we have left things. "

Vicente Moreno has analyzed the arrival of Merveil Ndockyt and considers that he is a different player than what is currently in the squad: "He is a player who can play in any of the bands, he can play in the playmaker or in the playmaker. of speed and we have looked for different characteristics.Our obligation, or what we aspire to, is to manage all the records ". "The two have trained with their teams and have arrived well," said Vicente Moreno regarding the physical condition of both Merveil Ndockyt and Martin Valjent.

Vicente Moreno says that "the team is closed in terms of tickets" and has also confessed that "it is difficult to improve what there is". "No one has been set aside here at any time, no matter how much has been said," said the coach of RCD Mallorca.