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Vicente Moreno: "I think we were able to turn the result around in the first half"

Vicente Moreno has valued in a press conference the 2 to 2 tie between RCD Mallorca and U.D. Las Palmas. The Valencian coach believes that his team deserved something more: "I'm never happy if I do not get the 3 points. And more if later I see how the match has developed. I think the team has done a lot of things to turn the result around, the point falls short and it's a shame".

Mallorca have been able to tie a game that lost by 0 to 2 to fifteen minutes of the first half. The Canarian team has shown the punch that has, but Mallorca has tied before the end of the first 45 minutes thanks to goals from Lago Junior and Stoichkov. "I think we were able to turn the result around in the first half," Moreno says. The coach of Massanassa regrets not having been able to score more points in the two games the team has played at home: "We had the requirement and illusion of adding six points in both games at home and unfortunately, having done many things, we have only added two".

After 11 league games, Mallorca have 16 points, with 4 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws. Moreno is clear that it is early to take stock and look at the classification: "The second division is very long, to me what worries me is that we join, if possible 3 because it shoots you, and if it is not three, like today, from one. But let's join and compete. That the merits that make the players become points, the rest I care little, the classification at this time tells you little".