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Vicente Moreno: "We have gone to the limit, there is no other way in this category"

Vicente Moreno was pleased with the result obtained before CA Osasuna and, above all, for the effort of his players during the 90 minutes of the game: "It was a game that, because I was the first I saw something nervous on the team but it is normal. We gradually adapted and I think that in the first half we have been superiors and even the result could have been greater. " The coach also appreciated the delivery of his players in the second act: "In the end we have had to suffer, fight and endure and the players have made a huge effort. We have gone to the limit and there is no other way in this category. I understood the message very well and now it is necessary to keep it ".

On the support of the Mallorcan fan in the match, Vicente Moreno was clear: "There was a very good atmosphere, we were all waiting for how people reacted and there was a great atmosphere. The fans pushed We will try to give ourselves as much as possible and, if the fans push us, we will have more opportunities. " "I told players that they enjoyed the moment, after last year we can value being in the LFP, whatever it is, in the field or outside," said Vicent Moreno.