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Vazquez: “we have to trust, I believe in my work and in that of the group"

Managers advises to keep head cold and right now "style is secondary, what comes first is winning"

Fernando Vazquez has emerged into the press room this morning and has pointed out that the week has been different after the Lugo disaster, "when you lose, doubts arise and more even when you have more chances than the rival. At this moment, we have to keep our head cold and that is what I'm doing. I have tried to let the week roll with calm, yet I have not stopped looking for solutions to win games."


In this light, the manager assures that Huesca is a very "neat ordered team that waits in their side of the pitch until there are spaces to run in. The come here for the three points and want to keep their good run intact. Let's be positive for once and believe that we can beat them". 


The Galician emphasized the behaviour os his group and confessed he has received the warmth and support from the players, "I tell them not to worry about me, what we have to do is to win games. It has been a long time that I haven't had such a humane group, with banter, good rapport and open. I am grateful for their friendliness to me". 


He has also made clear that, according to his philosophy, "I don't fight for my style, but to win matches and the team's deserving not to lose them. If I don't win, I won't stay here much longer". Then he went deeper saying the problem is "technical-tactical. It is a problem of the manager and the squad. We can do better because we have quality to do that. For many games, Mallorca has outmatched their rivals and the solution lies inside the squad. We gotta trust. I am confident results will come our way". 


Lastly, we considered "normal" the different meetings that have taken place this week as he thinks "to talk is for the good of the team, through my captains, out to the Direction of the Club. I don't feel I'm ripped off my responsibility as the head coach. My relationship with Maheta and Recio is fluent. I don't think there'll be any problem with them."