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Vázquez: “There were mistakes, but not because of effort”

Fernando Vazquez spoke to the press after the game defeat to Albacete and assured that, from his point of view, his team did not have a “lack of effort,” rather, “something we have done wrong when we lose but I think that it was not for lack of trying. We have made errors, made bad decisions, but it was never from a lack of effort.


The coach said that obviously he was not happy, “we are sad and disappointed” but stressed that from tomorrow, we have to prepare for the next game against Tenerife, “and continue working. Even having won today we would have to still had to prepare for the next encounter.”


The Galician reiterated that the team was not successful in some aspects of play, “but I cannot say that my players don’t want to win here. I do not say that we can’t be better, but we were worse than them.”


Vazquez said for now, he does not pay attention to the standings. “Ultimately, we cost ourselves too much and by tying at home, that is why we are here.”


Finally, even though they may be in a tough and complicated stretch, “I do not recognize that we are in any meltdown. We are not out, we lost one match. The last fifteen minutes did us in, but the situation is manageable.”