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Vázquez: "The players left it all on the field"

The coach thanked the fans for their support throughout the bout

Fernando Vázquez met the press after Real Mallorca´s important victory against Elche F.C. and stated that he is pleased with the team´s performance “and how they approached the game with concentration and intensity. We ran a lot today, and the players ended up dead-tired.” At the same time, the coach thanked the fans for their support, “even in these tough times, they showed up and stopped at nothing to support this team.”

The Castrofeito native reminded everyone that this coming Sunday against Córdoba “is another major game. The experience against Elche shows us how to approach that game. The players gave everything. The first half against Elche is an example of how we play at home.”

And, through Vázquez´ eyes, the team comes into these games “feeling very solid,” even though “at some points, we have been affected by the pressure, and not all opponents are the same. Elche, for example, have neither the defensive consistency nor the intensity of a team like Alavés.”

Questioned about the pressure the team faces about its position in the table, the tactician confirmed that these days do endure, and “I assume that I am responsible, but I have been in some similar precarious positions before and so, I am accustomed to it. That gives you some experience. I just try to focus on my job.”

Conclusively, the former central-midfielder confirmed that some of his players suffered muscle problems stemming from the effort they gave, and the coach remained confident in the group, “I believe that the team can maintain this level of concentration and intensity from the game against Elche. It´s what we have to do.”