Vazquez: “it is always good to get a point away from home”

The managers’s concern at the lack of safety and accuracy with the ball, but praised point.

Fernando Vazquez has met the press after the draw to Tenerife and has emphasized he is please because “it is always good to get a point away from home”. The manager in this light, admitted that it took the team a while to get into the game. “Sensation-wise we have neither been accurate nor precise with the ball on our feet”.

The Galician confessed he changed the strategy for the second half, “we waited for the rival to come and start a counter-attack. At the end we have had to roll back our defence, as we thought if we cannot win, then maybe let us try not to lose. The point is okay, we can make it count more if we win on Sunday against UCAM Murcia.”

The head coach of the first time, to his mind, “none of the teams have had many clear occasions”. He regretted the lack of continuity in the game “we have not been able to play at the same level. Tenerife have played really well. We lacked fluent passes.” I also respect the rival’s team-play as “they deal with the ball very well. I have liked it. I was foreseeing a battle in the quest of ball possession. But in the second half we said no to the abll and chose to counter-attack instead, he concluded.