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Vázquez: “being a champion it not a goal, it is a mentality”

The coach confirmed that the team is transmitting "good vibes"

Fernando Vázquez met with the press on the fifth day of the preseason and highlighted that he would continue with the same objective that he has had since day one: steer RCD Mallorca to the Primera Division, “you all know that I already know, I say that this is the mission to the players, but I don’t know think about it as a goal. To say it is pretty, but it is not incompatible with the work. To build a winning team, one must have that mentality. Being a champion is not a goal, but an attitude, and that means effort, determination, commitment, hard work, and evidently, winning games.”

The coach confirmed that the preseason is going according to plan, “it is good news that the boys have showed up well,” before he showed satisfaction for the new squad, “we have a team that is very pensive and competitive” also by the fact that majority of the players are already there, “the roster is not excessively large, so it is manageable, and 90% of the team is here. Apart from one or two more additions. This team transmits good vibes.”

Moreover, the coach mentioned that one of the Club´s objectives is to sign a renowned striker,” a striker that plays more stably, more positioned. I do have several others that can play there and other positions. Let´s see if we can round out the team, even though we are close to the salary cap.”

And, the Galician tactician´s style of the team is ordered and organized and control the ball well in the offensive zone, “defending well will depend on us, attacking well on talent. We have to be able to do those two things well.”

Vázquez then asked for support from the fans, even though “it has been a long time since Mallorca has climbed up. I hope that they will accompany us on this journey” and noted that the three favorites are the three teams that just came down from the Primera Division, “Levante, Rayo, and Getafe all have more money than the rest.”

Finally, the RCD Mallorca coach said that his job this preseason is to make sure that the team starts this season well, “from the start we have to be in the leading group to then be able to fight well and try to jump up,” he concluded.