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Succesfull season of our academy teams

This weekend, the RCD Mallorca has ended a season marked above all, by the good results achieved by the teams that represent the club in its different categories.

Mallorca B, champion of third

Beyond the disappointment that the players have suffered when they can not get the promotion to Segunda B, the year of the subsidiary has been faultless. Pepe Gálvez's team has been proclaimed champion of the third most competitive Balearic division in recent times with record numbers and without giving up a single point at home. Being the youngest team in the category, Mallorca B has shown an evolution in the game and a style that has marked the path to victory and has made it one of the most powerful branches of the national scene.

A youth full of talents

The Youth A has been consolidated one more season as one of the great teams of the Division of Honor. He has been third ahead of historical teams such as RCD Espanyol or Girona, and competed for the classification in the cup of the king until the last moment.

In this same category, San Francisco has made an exceptional campaign achieving an unprecedented eighth position.

In our ranks we have 4 international players: Raúl Prada, Xavi Sintes, Pablo Ramón and Iván Zamorano. In addition, Tòfol Montiel, has been considered one of the revelation players of the competition and shortlisted with the Spanish team; and Gayà, better center, who suffered a crushing injury that has kept him out of the field in this final stretch.

Champions of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands

The lower categories of the club have shown the great talent of the youngest players in the house. In all the groups, Mallorquinist participants have achieved good results and above all, learn and evolve with the help of technicians and professionals.

Cadet A: League champion, Mallorca champion and Balearic champion

Infantil A: Champion of Mallorca and Balearic champion

Alevín A: League champion, Mallorca champion and Balearic champion

Alevín B: League champion

Benjamín A: League champion, Mallorca champion and Balearic champion

Benjamin B: League champion

Iván Zamorano has been considered the best cadet in the category and Rafel Obrador, the best child player.