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Statement Andy Kohlberg

The NBA has completed its investigations of Robert Sarver and the Phoenix Suns organization, which covered a period of 18 years. While the NBAs report identifies issues that are of concern, it is most significant that the report concluded that there were no finding that Sarvers conduct was motivated by racial or gender-based animus.

From my perspective I have never witnessed any racial or gender based inappropriate behavior during the twenty years I have been business partners with Robert Sarver. Indeed, I would not remain part of any organization where I personally witnessed or had knowledge of this kind of behavior.

In his role as a minority owner and board member of RCD Mallorca, Robert has been professional in all his interactions with the club. None of the findings in the NBAs report indicates any involvement, or reflects in any way, on the manner in which RCD Mallorca has been managed since we purchased the club in 2016.

 As President of Real Mallorca, I can assure all our stakeholders that the club has always been run in a professional manner, respecting the rights of all stakeholders regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic or religious origins. Our management team and ownership group remain committed to the continuation of our values of integrity, respect, and inclusiveness. This report by the NBA will not impact our commitment to the long-term success of RCD Mallorca, and will not change how the club is managed going forward.

Andy Kohlberg

President of RCD Mallorca