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Sergio Buenacasa: "The best I have to give"

Sergio Buenacasa is happy after his return to the competition and is confident in following his progress in adapting to the team: "I am very happy, the Mister gives me the confidence to enter and have minutes that is not easy in a group of such good players and I am finding myself. The best I have to give. " Last Sunday, the striker replaced Aridai after the injury of the Canary end and now works to enter the initial team: "If I am fortunate that the mister give me that confidence will try to take advantage and help the team above all."

Buenacasa warns of the danger of Reus, rival this Saturday: "The category requires you physically, every player who enters has to adapt, is not an excuse." "It is a team that runs a lot, has the ball and we have to do many things to add", has settled to alert the competitiveness of the Catalan group.