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Sergi: "we left with a result we did not deserve"

The coach said that the penalty has conditioned the game

Sergi Barjuan attended the media after the match that RCD Mallorca played in Valladolid and assured that the team "has to be calm" that, in his opinion, was more courageous in the second part than in the first and that the group " got a result that we did not deserve".

In this way, the coach referred to the controversial penalty that conditioned the game and that, according to most of those who saw the play was not a penalty, "I think the work of a team that plays both and is suffering a lot can not be ruined With a very delicate situation. I understand everyone's work but there are decisions, and more at the moment, that they have to be very clear and think them cold. " The Catalan continued with his argument assuring that the penalty "has been decisive in the course of the match, this is a contact sport and the referee has to measure very well and know what we are playing teams."

Sergi acknowledged that Valladolid played better than his team in the first half, "but they have not created danger" and that Mallorca "has been more brave in the second, although we have penalized the first goal a lot." In this sense the coach said that "we have not created much danger in the opposite area, especially in the first half. He has lacked lucidity in the offensive phase ".

The coach assured that he does not look at the classification and has not made any accounts, "we have to think about ourselves and go game by game. Now we have to prepare the one we have against Almeria, there are three in the Iberostar and at home we have to be more daring, We have to keep working and pull forward. We have to believe in ourselves and if we have taken a blow to get up. "