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Season Tickets holders campaign

  • Reorganization of the stands of the Stadium without increasing the price of Sol and Fondo Sur
  • Reduction of 25% in the renewals of the tickets of Tribuna
  • One of the most economical tickets in the category
  • Campaign renewals and registrations calendar

Reorganization of stadium stands

RCD Mallorca resizes the Stadium for match days. Therefore, it has been decided to relocate our holders of Tribuna Sol (Up and down) and Fondo Sur in Covered and Discovered Tribuna or in the Young/Animation stand (Fondo Norte). Because of this initiative, all fans will be closer, concentrated in 2 areas of the stadium.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this measure may cause among the fans, whom ask for understanding. 

At any time of the season, if it's necessary to open Tribuna Sol again, holders who have been there before will have the preferential possibility of recovering their site, as long as the area where they had the card was opened.


Reduction of 25% in the renewals of the tickets of Tribuna

The prices and categories for season 17/18 will be:

Grada Lluis Sitjar / Animation

Relocated in Tribuna from Sol and Fondo

Renewals in Tribuna

New highs in Tribuna


55 €

100 €

130 €

150 €


50 €

80 €

100 €

*Lluis Sitjar is for people over 14 years old (minors need a previous authorization of an adult)

Covered and Discovered tickets have a reduction of 25% (from 175 to 130 €) compared to last season and holders from Sol keep the same price of last year in a better zone. If areas of Sol are reopened due to excess capacity in Tribuna and Fondo Norte, holders may return to their previous seat.

The bonus includes all 17/18 League games minus one possible play off and all of Copa del Rey except one possible final. It also allows entry into all games of Mallorca B and youth football in Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensoi and possible matches of the Federation Cup this season.


One of the most economical tickets in the category

These prices are in line with those of other clubs in the category, in fact they are lower than the majority. After a comparative study, it is determined that the bonus of Second B oscillate between 250 and 90 euros. Always refering to the tickets cost in Tribuna.


Campaign renewals and registrations calendar

Holders campaign begins next July 11, structured as follows:

- From 11 to 21 July. Renovation of seats in Covered Tribuna, Uncovered Tribuna and Side Cover. Also renovation of seats in the stand Lluis Sitjar / Animation.
- Day 24 of July. Office closed.
- From July 25 to August 9. Renovation Sol Alta, Sol Baja and Fondo Sur and relocation on deck.
- From 10 August: New supporters

Daily timetable of the office: from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For any question - Holders office: 971-221 535 / 971- 221 221 or email us / informació

Also, twit us: @RcdmAbonados