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Salva Sevilla: "We must continue, if we stop we are hunted"

Salva Sevilla has highlighted the importance of the victory against Elche, a team, according to the Almeria midfielder, "with good players."
"This is not over, if we stop we can hunt, we must continue," said Salva, at the same time he has indicated the way forward: "We must continue with this humility, if we continue like this we will be first."
"Following the penalty, everything has been easier and we have even managed to score some more goals," said Salva Sevilla. On his good level, Salva has referred to the strength of the group: "I had a hard time getting in, I had been out of action for a while and the team was very good. Now it's my turn but the important thing is the team and we're all going to be important. "