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Report: Sint Truiden 0 - RCD Mallorca 0

The bermellones tie a difficult opponent and show defensive solidarity

RCD Mallorca begun its busy schedule of preseason fixtures with a zero-zero tie against Sint Truiden in Belgium. The Mallorcan crew showed well in defense, but lacked the final touch offensively against a difficult opponent who is nearing its own start to the season.

The game began well for RCDM, who looked tactically disciplined in possession. But 15 minutes into the game, Sint Truiden´s physical stamina began to show through, and the Belgian side prevented RCDM from any offensive progress with intensity.  

With Sint´s show of strength, in the 25th minute, the referee changed the game by ejecting Juan Rodríguez for two hard tackles. This act seemed too strict for a friendly and happened right when Mallorca seemed to weather the storm, thus leaving the islanders with ten players, but something new to practice.

Vázquez´ troops were may have been uncomfortable, but protected the goal well with two well-coordinated lines of defense. The second half was more of the same, when the Belgians pushed the Mallorcans pushed back, and prevented any real chances on Santamaria´s net.

After the introduction of fresh legs in the 65th minute, Mallorca found some offensive gas in Brandon´s tanks. The Cala d´Or native provided energy and creativity, and enabled Pol Roigé and Sastre to combine well. Until then, Coach Vázquez´ men had attacked via counters, but this new spell of possession enabled some clever team play and possession in the attacking half.   

The home-side also made some second half changes in search of a goal, but the islanders held strong and remained defensively organized. The Belgians were left with no space and the game crawled to an uneventful end.