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Report Real Mallorca 3 - Getafe 3

Real Mallorca have played the last game of the season against Getafe. A duel in which neither team played anything and that has ended in tables.
Very early in the 6th minute of the first half, Stefan has advanced to the visitors in the scoreboard. In 23, it was Brandon who has planted himself before the goalkeeper and managed to score the first of the vermilion. The Mallorca has not lost face to the party and has continued harassing the goal defended by Guaita. As a result, before the break, Mountinho has had a good opportunity in front of the visiting goal, but his shot has gone out.

Already in the second half, the locals have come out with the intention of putting ahead in the marker and have achieved in the 57th minute, through Brandon, this time from head to center Angeliño side. Shortly afterwards he has also tried Lake without result, but it has been Getafe who has tied the score again with a goal also by Stefan in the 63 that has surprised the Berlin defense.

The mallorquines have not lowered their arms and their answer has arrived in minute 67 with a shot in strategy move of Álex Vallejo from the small area. The Madriders, who needed a point to secure the third place, have now turned into the goal defended by Cabrero and, already in 84, Buendia has finished after individual play at the back of the net getting the third for his and the Tie in the marker with which the match has ended.
Already certified the descent of category in Miranda, with the tie of tonight, the Real Mallorca farewell of the Second Division A.