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Report: De Graafschap 1 - RCD Mallorca 2

The team wins its last game in Holland in positive showing

Mallorca has won its last game on the Dutch tour against De Graafschap, two goals to one. The game was rare, with three injury-forced substitutions in the first half. In contrast, the second half was excitingly dominated by Vázquez pupils.

The game started with the two teams carefully possessing, testing and tasting the opponent. Mallorca played in an organized manner, with two well-connected lines of four behind the front two, and sought to attack via the wings.

The first twenty minutes was a balancing act of possession, without much offensive advancement. The game changed when Colunga put Oscar Diaz through, only to see his shot kick-saved by the keeper. Three minutes later, the Dutch side had a chance of their own from some nice work from Koolkof, who lost in a duel with Cabrero.

Minutes passed, the bermellones tested the Dutch net, only to be thwarted and lose possession.

But, the second half started much more favorably for the Palma-based outfit, who in the 48th minute found the back of the net when a Culio corner was knocked out to Juan Rodríguez, who took the ball well and put it into the back of the net. The bermellones kept the ball well for the ensuing minutes, dominating and practically enclosing the rival.

Then, in the 53rd minute, Company shot well from distance, but was saved by the local goalie. The Mallorcans´ strength and superiority shown through in the 65th minute, when Juan Rodriguez controlled a ball inside the box and placed it inside the far post, tallying his second goal of the game. Vázquez saw out the game by parking the bus with four central midfielders, who forcefully put an end to the Dutch tour.

The team will leave Holland Monday to return to the Balearic Islands.