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RCD Mallorca will host the Copa Del Rey youth Honor-Division final

RCD Mallorca has been named the venue for the Final of the Copa Del Rey youth tournament, which will be June 26, 2016. The club accepted the invitation from the Spanish soccer federation (RFEF), after having presented its candidacy a while ago, it was finally elected.

Accordingly, the club will be responsible for hosting the final, regardless of whether its own Honor-Division youth team will compete.

With that in mind, club CEO Maheta Molango explained that “RCD Mallorca never doubted its candidacy because we have the utmost confidence in the team from Santi Miralles and we really hope that they will be the ones to represent us on June 26.”

And so, RCD Mallorca would like to thank the Balearic Islands soccer federation (FFIB) for all of its support in collaborating with the Spanish soccer federation (RFEF), all of which has generated excitement on the island.