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RCD Mallorca DH returns to the victory

The RCD Mallorca DH Roc Hotels has returned to the path of triumph after imposing clearly on the scoreboard to Sant Andreu: 4-1. The team of Julián Robles had the absolute control of the game and took advantage of the success of Tòfol Montiel, Pascual -in two occasions- and Saúl to defeat the Catalan team by 4-1. The vermilion team is second in the standings with 28 points, the same as the first, FC Barcelona, ​​and Girona, third.
RCD.Mallorca: Diego Montero, Papa Dionkow, Toni Sureda (71 min Iserte), Oscar Oliver, Raúl Prada, Javi Pou (64 Saúl min). Tofol Montiel (min 68 Frau), Jaime Munar, Víctor de Baunbag (min 19 Samu Alex), Alberto Fernández, Andreu Arasa.
UE.Sant Andreu: Agustín, Sergi (min 64 Max), Ferrer, Alcoba, Aleix, Viver, Ferrán, Montoya (Desc Wanderson), Romera (min.52 Cencillo) Guillem, Puerto (69 Adrián min).
Goals: 1-0 min. 24 Tofol Montiel, 2-0 min. 27 Jaime Munar, 3-0 min.54 Alberto Fernández, 3-1 min. 62 Cencillo, 4-1 min.67 Saúl