RCD Mallorca beat Serverense 5-0 with a hat-trick by Jaume Pascual

RCD Mallorca B has imposed forcefully to Serverense CD with a 5-0 victory that consolidates the lead with 77 points, three more than the UD Ibiza and Poblense, both now tied at 74 points. In the first half, Jaume Pascual has advanced to the team led by Pepe Gálvez in the 23rd minute after taking advantage of a failure of the local defense. Eleven minutes later, Rodado has impaled the ball with his left foot after a good cross from Pierre.
In the second act, Gálvez has moved the bench with the entries of Fran and Pep Vidal and the team has rounded off the scoreboard. Jaume Pascual has scored the 3-0 after catching a ball inside the area arriving in the race. The striker has finished his great afternoon with a hat-trick after scoring 4-0, taking advantage of a double rebound by the goalkeeper. Ángel Rodado closed the score with 5-0, also taking advantage of the goalkeeper's rebound.
RCD Mallorca B: Ferri, Anderson, Pierre (Fran, min.46), Nadal, Jaume Pol (Pep Vidal, min.46), Antonio, Pablo Avila, Toni Jou (Capellà, min.57), Rodado, Jaume Pascual and Enzo.
Goals: 1-0 Jaume Pascual, min.23; 2-0 Ángel Rodado, min.34; 3-0 Jaume Pascual, min.47; 4-0 Jaume Pascual, min.57; 5-0 Ángel Rodado, min.63.