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RCD Mallorca B regains the lead

The RCD Mallorca B regains the leadership of the Balearic group of the Third Division after their 4-0 victory against Llosetense and the draw at home of UD Ibiza against Santanyí (2-2).
The team of Pepe Gálvez has advanced on the scoreboard in the last play of the first half thanks to a goal from Jaume Pascual. The striker has caught a double rebound from the goalkeeper to advance to the subsidiary. Already in the second half, minute 50, Pablo Avila has culminated a good triangulation in attack to break the game. In 56, Angel Rodado has sentenced with a great header. Miquel Àngel Capellà rounded off the score with 4-0 after a great personal action inside the area.

RCD Mallorca B: Benji, Anderson, Pierre (Moha Jami, min.60), Nadal (Francisco, min.80), Jaume Pol, Toni Jou, Pablo Avila, Stephen, Rodado, Pascual (Capellà, min.60), Enzo .
Goals: 1-0, Pascual, min.44. 2-0, Pablo Ávila, min.50. 3-0 Shot, min.56. 4-0, Capellà, min.81.