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Podoactiva Palma will take care of the feet of the players of RCD Mallorca

Podoactiva, the leading company in podiatry and biomechanics, joins as a health provider of RCD Mallorca. This Friday, the signing and presentation of this collaboration agreement in Clinica Podoactiva Palma was carried out by the team's Chief of Medical Services, Tomeu Munar, team coach Vicente Moreno and Conchi Salom, director of Podoactiva in Palma. In the act, a special shirt for Podoactiva has been delivered, and the mimeter has given the last hour of the equipment in the hours previous to the party of the weekend.

"It is a very positive agreement for the RCD Mallorca, Podoactiva has everything we need both for the first team and for the lower categories," said Tomeu Munar.

The players of the team will perform their biomechanical studies of walking and walking in Podoactiva, and will be able to use their personalized templates in case of need if so valued by the team of podiatrists, working in collaboration with the rest of the medical team. "It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with a local football club and that RCD Mallorca can take advantage of all our technology that other teams have already tried. We will put at the service of players all the knowledge and experience accumulated by Podoactiva in the field of elite soccer", said Conchi Salom, who recalled that "our method of 3D foot scanning and high precision manufacturing of our personalized templates is what allows them to be very thin and flexible, and that can be introduced well in any footwear, and also in a football boot or sports shoe".

With more than 200 square meters, Clínica Podoactiva Palma (C / Julián Álvarez, 14), opened since last May, is a unique space on the island equipped to develop the Podoactiva differential consultation protocols for the biomechanical study of the treadmill and treadmill, with high-speed video shooting and kinematic gait analysis, and foot scanning with 3D Scan Podoactiva, exclusive high-precision method patented worldwide by Podoactiva.

Podoactiva is a provider of podiatry and biomechanics to numerous athletes and reference entities from all disciplines in Spain and other teams in Europe, such as the Spanish Football Selection, Real Madrid, Newcastle, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, the Committee Spanish Paralympic or the Spanish Golf Federation.