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Pablo Ortells: "The coach had some needs that I think have been covered"

The sporting director Pablo Ortells and CEO of Business Alfonso Díaz spoke to the media to assess the end of the winter transfer window. Find out what they had to say about below:

Pablo Ortells on signings: "The coach had some needs that I think have been covered. We have made two additions that were necessary. I think we have a competitive squad. We have always shown our support to those who were already there." 

Pablo Ortells on the season: "The reality is what it is. We have only three wins this season and there is no magic potion other than to keep working and trust the players. We are convinced that we are going to pull through." 

Pablo Ortells on the difference between last year and this year: "It is true that last year we had a very good season. We finished in ninth position, but we are aware that the project is to be in LaLiga. Therefore, every season is new. Different feelings and different games." 

Pablo Ortells on trust in Javier Aguirre: "The trust is the same as with the players. We all fight to get the best out of Mallorca. We know the coach very well. Javier Aguirre is an expert coach and a coach committed to the cause. Together we all have to add up and get the situation out of this situation."

Pablo Ortells on the available registration spot in the squad: "We are not worried about this space. I believe that 24 players are more than enough to be able to face the remaining months." 

Alfonso Díaz on the incident against Real Betis: "It was a situation that within the difficulty we were able to handle. Almost a thousand Betis fans bought tickets and most of them were right in that block next to the visiting stand so it was expected that there would be people there. What happened is that by security decision, putting us in the hands of the National Police, it was decided that all the Betis fans who moved to that side would be allowed to pass. It is a situation that should not occur because there are people who must move, in this case 43 season ticket holders, and we have learned from the situation and will now try to improve it. I want to emphasise that this collaboration with the National Police meant that there was no altercation or security problem with our fans." 

Alfonso Díaz on access to the L'Infern stand: "It is a new stand and in the end it is a problem of identification. The law, as it is an official supporters' stand, obliges each seat to be nominative, which are season tickets that cannot be transferred and that have to be identified at the entrance. So, there is usually an influx of more people in the last 15 minutes and what we have done is to reinforce with six to eight more people to check the documentation." 

Alfonso Díaz on this season's refereeing: "This is a recurring theme every season and nowadays there is a lot of controversy on the subject of refereeing. We as a club don't get involved and neither does Javier. It is true that the situation that occurred the other day was a very hard tackle (on Samu Costa) and it is clear that it should have been a red card, from our point of view, but we understand the difficulty of the refereeing."

Alfonso Díaz on the Copa del Rey: "The cup is a very special competition for Mallorquinismo as we all know and we have experienced it on the pitch. The other day we were 22,000 spectators and it's a totally different atmosphere. It is a competition and trophy to enjoy. It is already a success, to be in the semi finals after 15 years and it is also part of the work that is being done on the sporting side." 

Pablo Ortells on Radonjic: "He is a different type of player that can play in several positions and I think he will bring us that point of freshness up top that the team needs at certain points and we hope he does very well."