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Óscar Díaz: “we were better than Cádiz, shame about the result”

Óscar Díaz has met the press after the morning session and has admitted how eager he was to score – “it seemed to never happen. I am pleased because it actually meant a point and because, being self-critical, last year I was not the real Óscar Díaz. On Sunday the team did very well and I grabbed the chance that the manager gave me.

In this sense, the striker denied feeling anxiety, “I have never been obsessed with it. I work hard everyday and this work, sooner or later, will pay off. I just want to give a hand to the team.” With regard to the Cadiz game he said “we were a better all-round team, shame about the score. The manager wants us to keep possession and that is what we did, alongside with leading the game”.

The Madrid-born forward, despite the draw, the result is not all bad, “we needed a little push towards our confidence to build up for the next match-ups and thus it will be a lot easier to replicate the manager’s idea onto the pitch. The division is a demanding one and the level in it has nothing but risen. It is going to be even more challenging”. Oscar highlighted the complexity towards next game as Oviedo is a very difficult team to beat. However, he vowed to “fight all 90 minutes to earn the three points at stake”.

The bomber had some fond words towards the supporting crowd, “in Day 1 fans went home unhappy, so did we. They pay and can express themselves in any way they want. Hopefully we can turn the situation round from boos to claps. The competition is complicated and we will go through good and bad times for sure. We have got to be ready for that. Some teams will travel to Majorca and just lock themselves in. There will be bad runs and if we can control them, it will all work out in the end. What is undisputed is that we cannot cross our arms and stop work for a second.

In what regards Colunga’s departure, Diaz admitted to be surprised although he did mention that “if he was not comfortable the exit is the best way out of it. We did not know about it, but it seems like a personal decision and we have to respect it. I hope it goes great for him wherever he goes and that he feels happy. I think here it was not for him like that. Oscar also raised his eyebrows at the statement that the rumoured bad rapport with Vazquez was the cause behind Colunga’s departure. He confesses “I have never seen some fall-out betwen them. Everything seemed to fall into place”. The player did not make it clear if the Club wants to buy a new striker before the transfer window shuts, “these issues are not my department. What I can say is that we will work hard to help the team. I hope we do not miss Colunga, that will be a good sign”.