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Olaizola: "we face the leader with enthusiasm and confidence"

Next Sunday, Mallorca B expects the leader of the league FC Barcelona B at Son Bibiloni at 12:00pm. This noon and after the last but one session of the week, the manager Javier Olaizola has come out to face the press ahead of this massive clash of titans.

When asked about the busy week at the office with the trip to Ibiza in between for the FA Cup game, Olaizola has guaranteed that “the boys are doing great. Ideally I would have preferred to have 6 days of rest but this is how it has been worked out in the calendar and we just have to adapt to it”. Despite the moans, the head coach sees the participation in the Cup as something positive, “this way I can share minutes among the squad, that’s a way to keep inner competition.”

Now focused on Barça B, the Basque argues that “it is a good week to work. In games like this, there is no need to motivate players as the game’s too massive. The group’s extra motivated – Barça is coming, is the current leader to beat and enthusiasm could not be higher. We’re all out to get the three points”.

When scanning the rival, Olaizola has shed light on Barça as “it’s a whole different team from all the others, be it individually and collectively, but still has a close philosophy to us and Levante Atletic”. On top of that, we play better against teams like “Barça, as they go for the same style of long possessions, keeping the balls… We will feel more comfortable with our strategy”.