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Moutinho: “we have to make more points to prevent top table teams to slip away”

The wingers guarantees the team will fight hard for points at Lugo

Thierry Moutinho has met the press after the morning session and among other things he has said about the Lugo game that “it is an opportunity to crop points with those sitting pretty at the top. It is what we want, to be up there with them. We have to bridge fast and accumulate points to hunt them”. In this sense, the players hope to get something out of Galicia. “It will not be easy as any other game. We have to fight to death and they score plenty of goals. We either give all or take back nothing”.

The Swiss-Portuguese ace regrets the lack of goals at the team. “It is not only luck, it is our fault too. We have had, but not scored. We have to concéntrate more and convince ourselves that we’re gonna score. Rather than luck, we need work and confidence.” The winger pointed out that the team’s producing more chances than last season, but “we’re missing in the make-or-break moment. Let’s not obsess about it, we will eventually start scoring”.

Lastly, we sympathizes with fans, “I myself had a chance and missed and I am so sad because it could have meant some points for us. I understand fans’ protests as we’re also gutted”.