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Media Day in OK Cars' facilities

After notice on Monday that CD Mirandés is the rival of RCD Mallorca in the elimination of promotion to the Second Division A, the team prepares the first match to be held on Sunday at 12h at the Estadi de Son Moix.

This morning, 4 players of the squad, Javier Bonilla, Antonio Raillo, Marc Pedraza and Aridai Cabrera were the protagonists of the Media Day that brought together the media of the island at the headquarters of the official sponsor of RCD Mallorca, OK Cars .

Antoni Raillo

"We are working to make a good game this Sunday and go to Miranda with a good result"

"For all the teammates and for me, this tie is very special, in football there are few moments like that and we wanted to enjoy it"

"All the teams that have been first in their group, have done well, we have played the Mirandés, but anyone would have been complicated."

Javi Bonilla

"In a tie it is always important to try to keep the goal to zero and more playing the first leg at home"

"We are ready and we continue working for it and these games we will compete as we have done all season"

"The fans know that we need them and because of that we already see that there is a very good response, nobody has to fail this Sunday, let everyone come!"

Aridai Cabrera

"We always have a lot of respect for the opponent, in this case the Mirandés is a team that also lost the category last season and wants to recover it like us"

"The key is to do well, if we are well and we do our job we can achieve the goal, I am very confident in the quality of this team"

"The pressure is the same as we had every day, we want to win and achieve the goal but we try to be calm and work like a normal week"

Marc Pedraza

"We trust in what we have and in what we are"

"From the first moment they called me to come here, I knew I was taking an important step in my career despite downgrading, and the time has come"

"You can see that important days are coming and the fans are responding, we want to feel that the stadium is full and take advantage of it to make a good result"